How to write a parabola in vertex form

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How to Write Quadratic Equations Given a Vertex & Point. 3 -45 = a(16) 3 Solve for a by first subtracting 3 from both sides of the equation then dividing both sides of the equation by 16: -45 - 3 = a(16) 3 - 3 -48 = a(16) -48/16 = 16a/16 -3 = a With a vertex (h, k) at (0, 3) and given that a = -3, then the equation of this parabola in vertex form is as follows: y = a(x - h) Math Algebra 1 Algebra 2 Precalculus Word Problem Formula Quadratic Equations Parabolas Graphing Quadratic Functions ... In the vertex form, y = a x - h 2 + k, the variables h and k are the coordinates of the parabola's vertex. In the standard form, y = ax2 + bx + c, a parabolic equation resembles a classic quadratic equation. With just two of the parabola's points, its vertex and one other.

Standard and vertex form of the equation of parabola and. Math Other Algebra 1 Algebra Biology Algebra 2 Chemistry Math Help Calculus Geometry ... The vertex form of a parabola's equation is generally expressed as y = ax-h 2 +k h,k is the vertex as you can see in the picture below. If a is positive then the parabola opens upwards like a regular "U". If a is negative, then the graph opens downwards like an upside down "U".

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