Essay on why i want to be a lawyer

Why do I want to be a lawyer? - Burges Salmon Laws are in charge of making sure that justice is practiced in certain situations. Whatever reason you have for becoming a lawyer and you can want to be a lawyer for any reason make sure that it fits with where you are applying and is logical. It is worthy to say you want to work with people to uphold their human rights but that will not explain why you are being interviewed in a commercial law firm’s office.

What is the best answer for 'why do you want to become a. There would be serious trouble in distinguishing the bad from the good, and the fair with the unfair. Ask yourself why you want to be a lawyer? If you have a reason, take that reason and break it down into smaller and smaller parts. Take those parts and expand upon each and every one. Try to give the interviewers a glimpse of WHO YOU ARE by talking about these small aspects to a larger answer to the question of why you want to be a lawyer.

Do I Have to Explain Why I Want to Be a Lawyer?” and Other. The absence of a legal system would permit terrible injustices upon the most vulnerable members of society. If you say you want to work with a certain professor, for example, then make sure that professor is really on the faculty and not, say, passingly related to a center. If a school gives you the option of writing a “why X” essay, write the essay, and keep your personal statement personal. See also How to Research a “Why X” Essay. 3.

Personal Statement- why I want to be a lawyer - Top Law Schools Having this in mind, we can see why anyone with a sense of justice would want to be a lawyer. You sound like you have a story to tell, but I think you need to focus more on the *personal* aspect of the personal statement. It sounds more like you are telling the Adcom why they should let you be a lawyer I am good at this, that, etc - but what they really want to hear is why YOU, and you particularly, John Chao, want to become a lawyer.

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