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Nasty PhD Viva Questions - ucalgary.ca When you have finally finished writing a Ph D dissertation or thesis, and submitted it to the university for review, you are at the end of a long period of grappling with dozens of tricky and detailed problems and issues. The Viva itself. The PhD viva is an open-book exam you can bring any materials you is what I think one should bring to the viva a copy of your thesis, obviously - you can stick yellow `post-it' notes on it e.g. anticipated questions and answers, although I personally abhorred the idea of preparing from my thesis itself;

Viva Voce Preparing For PhD Viva Dissertation Research. For instance, how to upgrade the dodgy paragraph on page 102; what the sources were for Figure 5.7; or how to best (re-)phrase your hypotheses or expectations so as to fit the research you actually did. In this E-Book all your questions regarding your Dissertation Viva will be ascertained and answered accordingly to make sure you are manned and ready to deliver a successful dissertation viva. This E-Book will reveal upon you the Secrets of Viva Manipulation and turning the tide of the viva to your side and the easy and effective methods of.

Practice Viva Questions — University of Leicester Perhaps for some weeks after submission these kinds of concerns will buzz around your head. Every viva examination is different, so it is not possible to know in advance exactly what the examiners will ask you. However, there are some common questions which you may like to practice as part of your own preparations. Generally, the questions that are asked in viva examinations can be grouped.

Preparing for your viva — University of Leicester They may even prompt you to lie awake at night rehearsing answers to the examiners, if they should ask about why you did x at one point, instead of y. Find out your viva date and plan backwards from this in stages, with the aim of giving yourself time to think about your overall view of your work, as well as time to review the detail. Create a list of viva questions, including tricky ones, and practise answering them aloud, rather than just in your head.

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